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If you’ve been considering buying or selling a home in the West Bloomfield Michigan area, it helps to know the benefits of using a Realtor® over trying to sell it or search for homes by yourself.

While you might think that real estate agents cost way too much, you may be surprised to know how much it costs not using an agent.


Most people that try to buy and sell real estate on their own do so to save a few bucks. But surprisingly enough, those that use a real estate agent tend to save more money in the long run than those the tackle the process and transaction on their own.

Why is that?

When it comes to selling real estate, property sellers automatically think that they can put up the sign in their front yard and a listing in the newspaper and get buyers flocking to the front door. What most sellers don’t know is that they have not price their home correctly nor do they target their prime demographic and audience.

Having West Bloomfield Realtor® list and market your home means you now have the ability to be listed on the local MLS. This MLS is now available on thousands of websites across the country for anyone searching for homes or property in the area. These homes are also properly categorized for people looking in a particular price range, size, condition, or amenities such as bedrooms and bathrooms quantities. The typical lay person cannot list in the local MLS without the assistance of a Realtor® or real estate agent the carries their license.

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Also, when it comes to pricing out your West Bloomfield real estate or property, most typical sellers don’t understand exactly how to price the home and will usually price it either too high or too low. Pricing a home too low will mean you don’t get the profit you really need or deserve out of the property. Most sellers price the home too high and end up chasing the market down after buyers have already turned down the home due to the high price. In this case, sellers tend to finally sell the home at a much lower price than they could’ve sold to begin with. Sitting on the market too long makes buyers wary that something is wrong with the property. A West Bloomfield Realtor® will list and market the property at the right price from the beginning. This will get more buyers in the door and more offers on the table. Also, going with a real estate agent means they may already be working with a buyer that will fit the criteria for your property. Enlisting the help of a qualified and experienced real estate agent means they have a network of other Realtors® and agents that also work with dozens if not hundreds of buyers on a weekly basis to find exactly the right home.

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When it comes to buying, using a West Bloomfield Realtor® is really a no-brainer. It cost buyers nothing to enlist the help of a real estate agent since they receive the commission on which ever home the buyers choose from the listing broker. The buyers really have nothing to lose or fear when using a real estate agent to facilitate the entire transaction. Their finances and confidentiality is protected, their best interests are kept at heart, and their negotiating strategies are used to get the buyers the best deal with the right terms.

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So you can see that using a West Bloomfield Realtor® is really the best option whether you’re buying or selling. Get the most profit from your home sale or find the home of your dreams in the right price range. Contact me today and let’s get started.

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