In today’s day and age virtual tours and video chats are becoming the norm. But, people are still buying and selling houses so virtual tours have become extremely popular. However, buyers may miss a few things when touring a home virtually. It can be difficult buying a house sight unseen so here are some things to look for when conducting a virtual tour.

#1. Details.

As with any photograph or video, the details can easily get overlooked. Scuffs, watermarks on the ceiling, and cracks on the kitchen counter can easily get overlooked. Even home inspectors can miss minor wear and tear and is up to the homebuyer to be diligent at examining everything so ask your real estate agent to look closely at the details specifically the floor, ceiling, walls, doors, cabinets, and built-in furniture.

#2. Senses.

Seeing something virtually is much different than actually being there. You can get a better sense of the homes smell, light, and sound when you’re actually standing in the room rather than touring it with the camera on a phone. It can be difficult to know if there is a dog barking next door, cigarette smoke wafting in from a neighbor, or if there is a moldy and musty smell from a basement. If your real estate agent is doing the tour personally, be sure to ask about these items.

#3. The neighborhood or building.

When buying a condominium or house in a neighborhood, external issues can easily get overlooked. If you’re buying a condo in a complex, take a look at the outside of the building, hallways, and any common areas. If you’re buying a home in a single-family subdivision, take a look at the neighborhood. Have the agent walk a bit of the neighborhood or drive around so you get a better sense of the surrounding area.

#4. Flow.

A simple virtual tour can make it difficult to understand the personality and flow of the house. Is the layout awkward or does it flow easily from one room to another? What you might love online looks completely different in person so ask the agent about the personality and flow of the house and if it’s awkward or if it makes sense.

#5. Inspection.

A virtual tour can show you the best features of a home but a home inspection can give you the nitty-gritty details of what’s really going on beneath the surface. Never neglect the home inspection. This is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and it only makes sense to learn as much about it as possible.

With today’s current climate, home inspections, virtual tours, and online home buying are more prevalent than ever but it definitely pays to learn as much as you can before pulling the trigger on a new home. Contact me at 248-752-3088 to learn more about homes in West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, or Bloomfield Township real estate, or properties around Bloomfield Township.

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