The final walk-through when purchasing a home is a critical step to the home buying process. This is your last chance to verify any work completed from the home inspection report, verify that the home is in working condition and that everything looks good to go. So, what are some things to look for during this final inspection? The walk-through should ideally be completed the day before or the day of the closing. Once the closing documents are signed, the property legally belongs to the new buyer so checking on the final details is imperative. Here are 5 Things to Look for During the Final Walk-Through

#1. Verify the house has not been trashed.

The final walk-through should reassure you that the house is in good standing before you move in. If everything looked great at the home inspection or even the first time you viewed the home yet now there’s trash everywhere, things have been damaged, or garbage and junk have been left, this is a violation of the purchase agreement. Sellers need to leave the property in good standing or pretty much the same way as when you first saw it minus personal property and belongings. If you walk into a home for the final walk-through and it’s been trashed, don’t sign the final documents.

#2. Damage.

If the sellers have damaged the home in any way while moving out, they can be liable for repairs. Perhaps they’ve damaged the wall by removing the mount to the TV, a piece of artwork, or technology. Maybe they ran into the walls or banged up the doors while removing furniture. This is not part of the agreement and sellers will need to repair any damage before you move in.

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#3. Inspection work completed.5 Things to Look for During the Final Walk-Through

If the buyer and seller agreed on certain repairs, verify they have been completed before final signing. This could mean a new roof, repair of leaky faucets, or replacement of carpets, doors, or windows. Make sure all agreed-upon repairs have been made before you sign. Ideally, this should be verified prior to the final walk-through.

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#4. Nonworking appliances.

If all the appliances were working during the inspection or when you first agreed to purchase the home and now, they are not working, this is the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer. The seller will either need to repair or replace any appliances that are included in the sale before the closing.

#5. Missing items.

Anything that is attached to the home itself including light fixtures, curtain rods, and any agreed-upon appliances needs to be kept in place before closing. If anything is missing that was originally agreed upon in the contract, talk to your agent and find out a solution before the closing.

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The last thing you want is to move in realizing you could have said something before you signed. The home you agree to buy should be the home you are getting and if anything is questionable, don’t sign any legal documents until things are straightened out.

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