In many places across the country, spring has already sprung and if you’re like the majority of Americans right now, we’ve got a lot of free time at home.  Such a great opportunity to work on some gardening projects!

Whether you’re planning on selling your home this spring or just want something to do, here are 6 DIY Spring Gardening Projects to tackle while you are safe at home.

#1. Start prepping those garden beds.

We may not be able to get out and get mulch, but we can prep our gardens and flower beds ready for the spring. If you can, add a layer of compost or mulch and clear out weeds and debris in the areas you know you want to plant.

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#2. Clear out your garden sheds.

If you’re like me, you probably will purchase more stuff than you realize you already have. Clear out that garden shed or garage and organize all of your garden supplies. This might be a great time to start getting rid of fertilizers, mulch, grass seed, and bags of garden items that you have collected over the years. Organize them, toss what might be expired or old, and use what you have on the gardens you are preparing.

#3. Test your soil.

If you can, get a garden sensor or test your soil with strips that you can purchase online. Garden soil sensors can be battery-powered or solar-powered and can connect to an app on your smartphone. It monitors the light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and water in your garden.

#4. Plant if you can.

Now is also a great time to start some plants indoors as well as cooler plants outdoors. If you are braving grocery stores, many of them will actually have seeds currently available, which you can start inside in egg cartons or small crates. You want to protect vulnerable seedlings and plant them outside when ready.

#5. Divide perennials that are coming up.

Now is a great time to divide any perennials and hostas that are starting to come up. If you didn’t do it this fall, look for perennials that are popping up out of the ground. You can divide them and basically have another free plant.

#6. Clean and de-clutter.

Now is also a great time to simply clean up under bushes, shrubs, and trees.  Prune any fruit trees or ornamental trees that you want to be structured a little bit better. Mow, trim, and use that garden equipment to its full capacity.

We won’t always be stuck inside and as long as we get a few clear days we can enjoy the sunshine, get some vitamin D, and get a great jump start on our gardens and yards.

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