West Bloomfield is home to several golf courses including the Knollwood Country Club, Shenandoah Country Club, Tam-O-Shanter Country Club, and others in outlying regions of Farmington Hills and Bloomfield Township. Surrounding these golf courses are residential properties, which by luxury standards is an attractive quality for a home to possess. However, there are some drawbacks to life on the golf course. If you’re planning on buying a home on the golf course and you’ve never lived in a home on the course before, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Early-morning maintenance.

It takes a lot of work to maintain a golf course and many people don’t even think about when maintenance occurs. Since golf courses are typically open from 9:00 AM until 6 PM, maintenance and upkeep must happen before that time. This is usually not something you can discover when touring open houses or browsing listings for sale because most buyers don’t view homes at 6 o’clock in the morning. But this is the time that trimmers, lawnmowers, and even chainsaws are out in full bore. If you plan on being right on the course, you may have to deal with the occasional early morning maintenance.

Prestigious residence.

Owning a home on a golf course is typically viewed as prestigious. Some buyers are not actually concerned about the property itself, simply the status symbol it provides. Just mentioning that you own a home on the golf course sets a standard apart from typical residential neighborhoods.

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Unwanted visitors.

If you value your privacy and prefer not to have people traipsing through your flowerbeds or digging in your trees, golf course living may not be for you. Some golf courses have regulations on fences or netting, so you might have to deal with the wandering golfer searching for their lost ball among your shrubs and trees. Some people don’t mind this, while others find this very invasive.

Perfect for avid golfers.

Of course, if you’re looking for a home on the golf course, chances are you love to golf. Moving right on the course within walking distance to your next tee time might be extremely important to you as a buyer. Exclusive membership to some Country Clubs and discounts at Pro shops or even other golf courses in the area may be an excellent reason to purchase a home within an exclusive golf community.

Birds, birds, birds.

Birds seem somewhat drawn to golf courses. Either it’s the flat, open space that attracts them or it’s a great place to find their morning breakfasts; birds seem to congregate, which means excess noise and possibly more mess from droppings. Some might be bothered by this while others love the addition of wildlife to their backyard.

A sense of related community.

Living by a golf course typically means living in a golf course community. This also means that most residents share similar interests. This might be a great way to find new friends or participate in golf and other social activities that the club provides.

If you have more questions about life on the golf course, contact me. I can help you find homes on many courses around West Bloomfield and would love to help you make an informed decision. Many homes in country clubs are not right on the course, which may be the best of both worlds for your needs.


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