What’s keeping your home from selling?

Buyers are still purchasing homes in the West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills areas of Michigan, so what’s keeping your home from selling?

More than staging, more than set up, and more than foreclosures and bank owned homes, the number one thing that keeps homes from selling is the price. Did you expect some big secret? More often than not, sellers simply price their home too high to get buyers in the door and offers on the table. Sellers feel their home is worth much more than the current market value and when they start high and chase the market down they end up going lower than they ever expected to in the first place.

So how do you price a home correctly?

As your Michigan Realtor® it is my duty and my job to get the best possible price for your home when you’re selling in the West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Township, Farmington Hills, or anywhere in the area. But that doesn’t mean giving away the home to the first buyer that comes along. The trick is to price it correctly the first time to get buyers through the door and an offer on the table within the first month. While I cannot guarantee this, pricing it adequately and staging appropriately are the two major keys working together to get your home sold quickly.

We first want to take an analysis of all the current homes on the market. If you’re curious about the price of homes in your neighborhood, it’s best to take a look at some model homes or open houses. Get an idea of what other buyers are looking at in your neighborhood and make sure to offer more home for less money. Once we get an idea of what similar homes are selling for then we need to accurately tally up what homes have actually sold for in the last few months. We add or subtract the price for features you may or may not have comparatively to other homes in the community. If you have more acreage than the home down the street you’ll want to sell for a little bit more, but if the home has a pool, a nice view, and more square footage in the house, it may not add more value to the price. All these factors come into play when pricing a home correctly.

As your Bloomfield Realtor® I promised to price your home correctly the first time. Trusting your agent is the first step to getting your home shown and sold quickly and effectively. If you’re interested in getting a free listing presentation or to find out what your home may currently be worth please contact me anytime. Simply fill out the form so that I can do all the research ahead of time and contact you with the most accurate information.

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