Longacre House in Farmington Hills

The Longacre House is located at 24705 Farmington Rd. in Farmington Hills Michigan. It’s nestled up against the Farmington Hills nature center just north of Farmington itself.

This beautiful and historical Victorian building was constructed in 1869 by Palmer Sherman. It was the only brick house in the area at the time, and served as a landmark for those traveling on Farmington Road. The original house consisted of a parlor, downstairs kitchen, dining room and three upstairs bedrooms. With a big beautiful porch extending the entire front of the house, the 19th century gingerbread stood out as an iconic and nostalgic reminder. Originally part of over 100 acres, Mr. Sherman gradually sold parcels to nearby farmers and retired in 1879.

Over the next 36 years the house was bought, sold, and rented out. In 1920 the house was redesigned and expanded to include 20 rooms, 4 porches, 7 baths, a greenhouse and the library. It was one of the first houses in Farmington Hills to offer electricity and the telephone.

Over the next 10 to 15 years formal gardens were included on the grounds as well as pools, fountains and pathways. After the current owners passed away in 1968, the home was donated to the people of Farmington to be used as a nonprofit community center.

Today, the Longacre House is home to afternoon tea services, banquet and catering facilities, cooking shows, classes, and a venue for weddings, parties, anniversaries and get-togethers. Whether you’re entertaining business associates, planning the wedding of a lifetime, enjoying a beautiful banquet or simply are looking for afternoon tea, the Longacre House provides style and elegance with a quaint and country atmosphere. Award-winning chefs offer their menu suggestions for a variety of themes and festivals.

Those that choose to rent the Longacre House have a variety of choices of seating, pricing and options from the bridal suite, to the piano room, the library, and the pavilion outside.

The traditional afternoon tea is offered monthly and includes a tea luncheon served in the traditional English style. For just $25, enjoy two hours with family and friends in the beautiful environment of the Longacre historical home. In addition to tea and cooking classes there’s also culinary shows and events throughout the year.

This is a wonderful location and a great venue for get-togethers, holiday parties and more. For more information on the Longacre House fill free to visit the Farmington Hills Michigan city site.

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