Luxury is much more than a state of mind; it’s the features that surround us, the ample space, the finer things. Luxury can mean many things to many people and depending on status and income, the level of luxury can vary greatly. What is luxury to one may not be to others and although it is a mindset, it is also in the tangible items that we can hold and view. Luxury Homes in Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills Michigan is an ideal place for luxury homes and estates in Southeast Michigan. Our rolling hills, green valleys, and majestic pines, make for a spectacular backdrop and scenery to a luxury home or estate.

Most of luxury homes around Farmington Hills sit just outside the main part of town; the intersection between I 96, Highway 5, and Highway 10. These provide easy access to other communities and larger towns in the area. Many of the luxury homes and estates sit North of Farmington Hills and can start around $3 million. These homes provide five, six, or more bedrooms with at least the same number of baths or more. Square footage starts at around 3000 to 4000 ft.² and can range as high as 9000 ft.² for some of the larger estates. Many of these estates encompass several acres and provide many outbuildings and luxury features.

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Typically, luxury homes in Farmington Hills are going to be above standard on features and construction materials. Brick or stone walls and exterior are common among these types of homes. Many will display multiple garages and may also be up against bodies of water such as a river or small Lake.

Inside luxury homes in Farmington Hills you’re likely to find granite countertops, extra perks in oversized kitchens such as wine cellars or fridges, multiple stoves or ovens, high-end and stainless steel appliances, and fixtures. Master bedrooms are going to have luxurious baths with five or six piece settings including jetted tubs, glass showers, dual vanities, marble counters, plus one or two master walk-in closets.

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Many of these units may not have a lot of rooms but each room will be of ample size large enough for a variety of furniture.

If a luxury home in Farmington Hills sounds like something you might be in the market for, please start your online search here first or simply contact me for a more personal touch to your home buying experience. I handle dozens of transactions and can negotiate on your behalf for the right price and the right terms.

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