When considering a home in a particular neighborhood, you’re not just inquiring about the house but you should be looking at the neighborhood and community as well. Here are some simple ways to learn about a local neighborhood.

There are a lot of neighborhood websites out there such as Next Door, Area Vibes, Neighborhood 360, and Neighborhood Scout but there are other ways to learn about a neighborhood rather than the Internet. Here are five simple tips to learn about a neighborhood you might be considering buying a home in.

#1. Go for a walk.

This is probably the best way to find out as much as possible about the neighborhood. You can interview the people that live there, talk to neighbors, see who plays in the neighborhood and if there are a lot of athletes, biking, traffic, or dogs barking all hours of the day or night.

#2. Check out the commute.

Before finalizing on a home, check out the commute. If you know what time you’ll be going every single morning, map it out using apps like Waze that will give you the best time to go, return, and when to avoid certain routes.How to Learn about a Local Neighborhood or One You’re Considering

#3. Check out social media groups about the neighborhood.

There are a lot of neighborhood apps, groups, and pages so do the research and find out as much is you can about the neighborhood. Neighbors may have their own apps so when you are on that walk, ask if there is a Facebook or Instagram group you can join to learn a little bit more or ask questions.

#4. Check out the neighborhood bus routes and walkability.

Even if you’ll be commuting by your own car, understanding the resale value by the neighborhood’s walkability and bus routes might be important in the future. If you’re hoping not to be entirely dependent on a car, checking out Walk Score.com might be a good way to find out more information on a particular neighborhood and even a particular address.

#5. Ask questions on neighborhood websites.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, places like Neighborhood Scout, Street Advisor, and even weather apps can give you data and information about a particular neighborhood. Maybe you want to know how you compare with median income, house values, or family size. You can find a lot of this data online before finalizing on your home purchase.

For more information on a particular neighborhood in West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Township, or Farmington Hills, give me a call at any time. I love this area and know quite a bit about the individual neighborhoods throughout the communities. Simply call or text me at 248-752-3088 for more information.

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